Selecting Spring Involvement

Since the start of the new semester, SFA had many Weeks of Welcome events that students could be engaged in. Apparently, Weeks of Welcome occur every first two weeks of each semester—I thought it was just for the fall semester! I appreciate that SFA wants their students and staff to be involved in any kind of social interaction. This is precisely why I attended the Involvement Fair at the Recreation Center on Thursday, January 23, 2019.

Last semester, I wanted to join many clubs and organizations at SFA, but I knew that I would only have time in my schedule to do a few. As a result of my schedule, I joined two sport clubs and one organization. I do not regret joining the aforementioned groups, but I want to join at least one more group this spring season. When I went to the Involvement Fair, I did not have any expectations on what type of clubs and organizations I would find. I looked at all the diverse booths to see what was even slightly interesting to me. I had the chance to talk to some of the booths like: SFA Girl Scout Alumnae Association, Student Wellness Action Team, Dancers Against Cancer, Circle K, and Organization of Latin Americans. They all informed me about their purpose, goals, and activities. I even asked them a handful of questions on how I would be able to contribute my educational and respective goals into the associations.

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All I have to do now is attend the interest meetings, then think about which groups appeal more to me. However, knowing how indecisive I am, I will probably take roughly a week or two to choose! I do have to consider the amount of money I have to spend on the club’s dues—money that I obviously have to save for food if I want to survive—and the amount to time I am willing to spend at these clubs. On the contrary, this semester is all about getting involved in the community in some way, doing something that I enjoy, and meeting potential friends. After all, spring is the season for life and new adventures.

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Decisions, decisions!