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SAA: Building Unity By Breaking Records

             The Student Activities Association, also known as SAA, is one of the largest organizations on campus that constantly provide students with tons of events filled with entertainment, creativity and Lumberjack spirit. This week is no different as SAA member and SFA junior, Claire Cook, kicks off her event called "Building Unity by Breaking Records", which will takes place on Wednesday, February 29 at the Homer Bryce Stadium. Students will fill the stadium beginning at 7 p.m. in attempts to break approximately 15 Guinness World Records that are sure to leave room for student bonding, fun and cultural unity.
            "The purpose of it all is to bring people on campus together and do something we've never had the opportunity to do before," said Cook. "And I really wanted to present something different, which is risky, but I'm hoping we get the attendance we need to make it happen."
            Students will have the opportunity to participate in breaking some interesting, weird and simple world records including most people standing on one leg at one time. For every world record that is broken, the university will get recognition in the book of Guinness World Records, as well as each participant having on-line access to a certification of participation for personal bragging rights.

            The success of each attempt to break each world record will solely depend on Wednesday night's attendance. With records such as the Jersey Shore phenomenon of most people to fist pump simultaneously requiring over 1000 people to complete, there's definitely a fear that the event won't meet expectations without the collective efforts of SFA students.
            "We have records where we'll need over 1,000 people to break it, but then we also have records where we'll only need about 300 people to break it," said Cook. "So we have a good group of easy records to break, but it'll all come down to the attendance and student participation."
            In full-promotion mode, Cook has been reaching out for support to many different organizations on campus including Zeta Tau Alpha, NAACP and the Muslim Student Association. With positive feedback from these organizations, along with a few others, Cook hopes that everyone will mark this event on their calendar. Some organizations have even coined the event as a sisterhood or brotherhood social or bonding experience.
            The event will also include break sessions where students will have the opportunities to win prizes and socialize with one another to further encourage student unity. At the end of it all, SAA and Cook is solely hoping to expose the campus to something out of the ordinary that can provide some good entertainment, social bonding and another reason to be a proud Lumberjack.

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