Reviewing Face Masks!

One thing that I can grantee when it comes to beauty is what face mask best suits each person’s skin type. When it comes to my face, I have an oily face on cold days and SUPER OILY on hot and humid days. I used to constantly test products and spend hundreds of dollars on my face because it was always breaking out and it was always so oily even in the winter. Nothing helped my problem until I realized these two companies and their face mask were the key to mending my problem. 

With a 7thHeaven face mask, there is a huge variety for all types of skin with many natural products. They are also super affordable and are available at any drug store. My absolute favorite is the Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask. It does everything it does in order to help me feel super clean and refresh; all while giving me a detox for my skin. I use this mask every week, once a week to help with the black head. I do this mask before I wash my face so when I peel it off, I can clean my open pores and remove all the left-over dirt and bacteria the mask didn’t get. 

The second mask I use comes from a company named Freeman, whose products are perfect in helping with acne and making my face feel radiant and shine but not as it would when oily. I use the sweet tea and lemon peel off clay mask which gives my face chance to radiate and fix all my impurities. Freeman’s masks all have something to help with any problem. 

The most important thing when it comes to face mask is to not go overboard and find what fits your skin best. Each mask has its benefits but also has its cons whether if it is drying your skin out or making it oiler; you just have to find the balance. Also remember a hydrate face and body is the best way to clean and detox your skin.

So as a person who has very particular and sensitive skin, I happy to report that I found another amazing product that has made my skin soft and glowing. The Innisfree Green Tea face mask is an amazing product that helps my skin look super after a long workout I had. Along with both the hydrating cream and serum are completely refreshing and great for feeling like a brand-new person with a fresh face. I used them after washing my face and right before going to bed. When it comes to the eye cream, I have yet to use but saving for a special occasion, but I have heard great things about. Everyone should try these products if they want to feel like they truly have a fresh face!!