A Review on Sex Education, A Netflix Original

Throughout this quarantine, it is no secret that I have watched my fair share of Netflix (which I am sure many can relate to). While I have primarily stuck to watching series, there is one that stuck out to me the most: Sex Education. While there are only two seasons (and a third to come), Netflix’s Sex Education is a show of growth, discovery, and friendship. This series also touches on the subjects that some of us get a little uncomfortable talking about yet need to be discussed!


Sex Education is set in Wales and told from the point of view of sixteen-year-old Otis Milburn who lives with his mother, Jean. Jean is an at home sex therapist which eventually poses awkward situations for Otis, that is until he meets another outcast, Maeve. Maeve comes up with the arguably brilliant (and slightly unethical) plan to charge other students for sex advice after hearing Otis comfort and advise a struggling student about his sex life. At first, Otis is very weary of the idea, but then comes to terms with it after realizing the amount of money they could make off of it.


Though the storyline of Sex Education is quite ridiculous, you will come to love and feel for each character, even the ones that seem awful at first. Above all else, this series truly represents real life situations and does so in a way to get you emotionally attached to these characters. Each person in this show is equally unique and plays an important role in contributing to the show as well as expressing situations we often look over.


Sex Education touches on issues of sexual harassment, sexuality, love and romance, approval from others, cheating, and so much more that many of us have struggled with, are struggling with, or unfortunately will struggle with. I am thankful that there is a show such as this one that touches on the difficult issues, but not to the extremity that shows such as 13 Reasons Why does (not to bash 13 Reasons… love the book, love the show). Sex Education expresses that your pain, heartache, and trauma, no matter what the size IS valid and needs to be seen/heard!