A Review of “Bohemian Rhapsody”

Queen was one of the most influential bands of their time and still continues to rock our world today. And, like any great band, a movie was made about them, specifically the lead vocalist Freddy Mercury, who is played by Rami Malik. Though many bio-films tend to get things wrong and fail to do the person justice, this one is truly remarkable, and I highly recommend it to everyone who loves the rock music of Queen, and here’s why you need to see this move ASAP:

Photo Courtesy of Google Images


            From the standpoint of a fan of Queen’s music, it was a really well-made movie with their greatest hits dashed throughout, and the demonstration of the processes of making some of the songs is really cool for someone who is interested in that stuff, as I am. I have to say though, the coolest part of the entire movie to me was their performance at the LiveAid fundraiser at the very end, which the movie tells you from the start is the grand event that the movie ultimately leads up to. Why? Well, the choreography of Freddy Mercury’s moves in the movie was exactly those of the actual performance that the band gave, which fulfilled my fan needs more than I anticipated, and it showed how much the director valued authenticity. The characters, interactions, and performances were all so authentic and struck the heart strings of the audience time after time, which made the movie compelling to watch on other levels. The plot of the movie was anything but sluggish and kept the attention of those watching without fail and was focused on events that were important in relation to what the movie was actually about, constructing a stronger relationship not only between each other, but between the audience and the people on screen, too. 

            As far as cinematography itself goes, this movie is incredibly well-made. The lighting fit the mood on the screen really well and the score was remarkable as well because of all of the Queen songs speckled throughout. The camera shots were fitting for the specific scenes and moods that the director was attempting to convey throughout, which was really aesthetically satisfying. The 80s graphics throughout were really cool and would’ve looked spectacular in 3D, and the array of color that was used in every scene was vibrant and honestly amazing. The costumes were actually probably my favorite part, and this isn’t something I generally pay attention to, so claiming that this detail is my favorite is really saying something. The costumes were perfect for the time period and the environment that the characters were in and they did a fantastic job of matching what the band and Freddy Mercury actually wore. Not to mention that the costumes were just as vibrant and captivating as the characters within them – I even wanted to steal a few for myself!

Photo by LaShauna Bell. 


            “Bohemian Rhapsody” was not only an entertaining 2 hours and 15 minutes of cinematic art, but it was also a nice dose of nostalgia that helps Queen’s legacy live on as long as their music does. The movie touches on the highs and the lows of the career and Freddy Mercury’s life. The last frame of the movie leaves the audience on a nostalgic high that parallels the feeling we all get when Mercury’s melodic voice asks us if this is real life or just fantasy.