Radiant Skin in the Winter

Often times skincare is left on the backburner when life catches up to us during our busy lives in college. During the winter, the colder temperatures and lower humidity levels in the air are harsh on our skin and often leave us feeling stripped, dry, and in need of some TLC. Whether it be a lack of hydration, a breakout from weather conditions, or your makeup not lasting long enough there are so many easy ways to fight winter ravaged skin and up your skincare routine! Implementing some extra steps in your routine in the mornings and nights can leaving your skin with the glow that you deserve!

Photo by: Brenna Byington

Taking care of your skin is super important to your overall wellbeing. After all, the skin is the largest organ of our bodies, so we should be treating it well! Hydration is a huge factor of keeping our skin healthy during the winter, because the air can oftentimes dry out our pores. Drinking more water can help your skin revive from walking to class or exercising in colder conditions. Speaking of water, try showering with cooler water. Lukewarm showers provide comfort without stripping your skin of its natural oils like a steaming hot shower would. After showering, make sure to apply moisturizer and lotion on your skin while your pores can lock in that moisture it’s wanting. Moisturizing cannot be stressed enough as it’s the foundation for keeping your skin feeling great in the chillier months.

It’s what we take selfies of, what we see in the mirror, what people look at while talking to you – I’m talking about our faces! Facial skincare is what most of us think of when we talk about skincare and beauty. Using a gentle cleanser daily with cool water refreshes our skin, and exfoliating once or twice a week can help scrub off dead skin. When it comes to beauty, take into consideration what products are being applied. Is this the healthiest product? Is this going to last? Using a rose water blend can help soothe the skin and hydrate your skin before beginning your daily makeup routine. Afterwards, use a setting spray to lock in that moisture and product to keep your makeup still! Avoid reapplying with these simple steps, as applying more powder-like products can strip your natural oils even more, creating breakouts or dry skin. These tricks take seconds out of your day and create great results!


Photo by: Brenna Byington

Keeping ourselves hydrated, warm, and moisturized are vital to keeping our skin radiant in the winter. As the cold days go by, try out some of these tips to see the simple difference of how your skin looks and feels! As busy college students, we do not have the time to be worrying about our skin – we should be celebrating it!