The Prince and Me: A Royal Engagement

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The holidays bring cheer, good food and great company. They also have tendency to bring big, important announcements from loved ones and strangers alike.

This holiday season, Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle announced their engagement...

The engagement is exciting for everyone. For one thing, we Americans have a strange fascination with the country we rebelled against two-hundred years ago, especially its royal family. But part of the reason the engagement is such big news is because of Meghan herself. An American citizen, a divorcee, and a woman of African American heritage, she’s not exactly the traditional picture of “British Royalty”.

Despite Henry Ⅷ creating an entire new religion to be able to divorce his wives, the Church of England isn’t too fond of divorces. In fact, Edward Ⅷ abdicated the throne so he could marry a divorced woman, leading to Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ’s father, George Ⅵ, taking the throne. The British Royal family, I can imagine, probably expects its members to be British and with Meghan’s mother being African American and her father being Caucasian, there’s always the potential for racial prejudice, especially in a country that doesn’t have the best historical track record with “minority” populations (see: colonialism).

However, most people are happy for the couple and Harry and Meghan look delighted to be able to share their lives together. And even though Meghan won’t technically be a princess, I doubt that will stop any of us from giving her the title.