The Path Forward

Photo by: LaShauna Bell

Since graduation season is here, I’ve been thinking heavily about the routes that all the soon-to-be graduates are about to take. Some are headed off to graduate programs, some are in the process of diving head first into careers. Others are getting married and starting families, and some are flying by the seat of their pants and just enjoying their life as it is. To me, all of that is beautiful. 

There are the individuals who believe that after college the road to success starts the minute you land the job you’ve been dying to get. And that’s fantastic in its own right. But understand that success is defined by you, and only you. If you’d like to travel because that’s what you believe that successful people do, then have at it. Take some bomb Instagram photos while you’re at it! If success looks like learning a new hobby and adding it to your arsenal of skills, then that’s cool too! If success looks like taking a well-deserved nap or trying out that new restaurant you’ve been too preoccupied to try, taking a chance, or even something as small as making your bed in the morning, then so be it. You define your success. 

As long as you make your choices with your best interest at heart then who’s really to say that living your best life is wrong? The point of this article is to remind everyone, soon-to-be graduate or not, that the path forward is yours to take, and it does no good to walk a path that you didn’t set for yourself. Life is far too short to please others just for the sake of keeping others happy. I personally had to learn that, and I’m sure that everyone does, sooner or later. But live your life the way you want to live it. You only get one of these, so you might as well treat yourself well, be the epitome of happiness, and skip down your path.