Oreo Personality Test

Oreos are the most iconic cookies known to man. The crunchy, chocolatey cookie with the creamy dream-like center creates that part of your childhood that you’re unable to let go of. However, Oreos are never eaten the same way and I’m here to tell you why. How you eat an Oreo says a lot about your personality, so find the way you eat an Oreo and discover something you might not have known about yourself!


1. Eat the whole thing in one bite

You are impatient and often make hasty, thoughtless choices. On the other hand, you are usually the life of the party and can make anyone laugh.

2. One bite at a time

You’re one who never strays from the status quo and can often be considered a meticulous planner. However, you are very responsible and can always be counted on to do what you say you will.

3. Only eating the frosting

You’re gluttonous and often times selfish. You can be a bit reckless, but that also means you are always up for an adventure and you try anything that comes your way.

4. Only eat the cookie

You can be superficial at times, only caring about appearances, but you have a good eye for trends and all things fashion. Friends know they can come to you for clothing advice or big decisions involving looks.

5. Twist, eat one half of the cookie, the frosting, then the other half of the cookie

You’re methodical and enjoy taking things apart to see how they function. Your curious nature can be entertaining at times, but can also get you into some trouble.

6. Quickly dunking in milk

You’re afraid of decisions and often try to avoid anything permanent. This can be a good thing, because you’re never tied down to anything, but no one wants to go shopping with you.

7. Soaking in milk for a long time

You are extremely patient and willing to do whatever it takes to meet your goal. This can be a great thing, but people know not to get on your bad side.

8. “I don’t like Oreos”

You’re a monster. Who doesn’t like Oreos?!?