Old Movie Revisit: Sunset Boulevard

Everyone always rushes to the movie theatres to see the newest releases, whether it’s the latest Avengers movie or the next big horror flick, but most people don’t think to revisit some of the classics that shaped movie-making and film in general. One of the most recent rediscoveries that I’ve made is Sunset Boulevard, a 1950 crime drama. Here’s why you need to watch it:


Photo courtesy of Google Images

1. It’s a crime drama…need I say more?

We all love crime dramas, whether it be true crime or a fictionalized crime story. For some reason, we just can’t get enough, and that’s part of why this is a must-watch movie. Not only are there clues throughout that helps the audience solve the crime, but the cyclical nature of the story also keeps you enthralled from start to finish. Plus, the story is told from beyond the grave, what else do I need to say to get you to watch this?

2. Norma Desmond’s character is really compelling…and creepy

Norma Desmond is the leading lady in the film, who is a former silent film queen that’s stuck in the past. Her portrayal of obsession, mental turmoil, and dissociation from the outside world will have you on your toes. In the movie, she claims she acts with her eyes, and Gloria Swanson, the actress who portrays her, does an excellent job of acting through her eyes. 

Photo courtesy of Taylor Thomas

3. You’ll be a more cultured movie-watcher!

WatchingSunset Boulevard will not only get you brownie points with your grandparents, but it can also teach you something (don’t worry, in a fun way!). Not only does it teach you not to fall into the grasp of an obsessive former silent movie star, but it also tells you about L.A. in the 1950s, gives you an insight into the behind-the-scenes processes of movie-making, and much more. Plus, Norma Desmond is the woman who coined the phrase “I’m ready for my close-up,” so you can use that on the next trivia night question!


            I know that a lot of people generally shy away from older movies because it’s more difficult to relate to the characters and situations on screen. Plus, movie-making has evolved a lot since then, so it’s cool to see where movies started and compare it to where they are now. It’s always beneficial to watch older movies and just movies in general, so don’t feel turned off by the black and white; try a movie that you never would have picked before, I’m positive you’ll be a more well-versed movie-watcher because of it!