The Office isn’t a Great Show, but Here’s Why I Watch it Every Day

This is your one spoiler warning! There are spoilers in this article, the show ended six years ago. If you haven’t watched “The Office” yet, you probably aren’t going to ever. 


“The Office,” for those of you who do not know, is a documentary-style sitcom that ran from 2005-2013 and spanned nine glorious seasons on TV. Once the series met its end, it was uploaded to Netflix for the world to view. Once it was on Netflix, meme culture took over and the show became a piece of pop culture for Millennials. Despite the show’s success on TV and on Netflix, many people call the show “overrated” and “unfunny.” I, personally, totally and 100% agree. After watching the show once you can begin to predict the jokes, the characters can be more cringe-inducing than funny, and near the end of the series, the writers were clearly pawing for content.

Photo by Abbey Adams

However, I watch The Office every single day. That is not a hyperbole. I watch seasons 4-7 on a continuous loop, restarting as soon as Will Ferrell’s character appears on screen. I play the show on my TV when I clean, shower, do homework, or even just play on my phone. It makes great background noise and honestly, it does have some truly great moments. 

Such As…

1. When Jim and Pam get together. The cutest couple I have ever seen on TV, hands down. 

2. The episode where Michael and Jan host a dinner. It’s hilarious. Everything about it is funny, from the ruse Michael pulls to get his friends to come over, all the way to Jim stealing the CD. So funny.

3. Also the entire “Involvement Fair” episode. Am I being biased because it’s my favorite episode? Maybe. 

4. When Dwight and Jim cooperate. Anything Jim does is awesome, and when he and Dwight join forces it is always a good idea.

5. When Andy and Dwight dump Angela. Is Angela the worst character on the show? No, but it was so great to see her get dumped.

6. The scene where Pam and Jim find out they are pregnant. Each time I see that scene I swear, John Krasinski doesn’t exist, there is only Jim Halpert. Best scene in the show.

7. When Michael hooks up with Pam’s mom, and Pam’s reaction after. The way they got together, and Michael’s face when he tells Pam the news is the definition of comedy. Other than those two parts, however, it is a hilarious episode.

8. JoOne of the greatest characters, ever. She is only there for a brief time, but everything she does is amazing.