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A New Season of Opportunities

Spring is the season of decluttering, sunshine, and opportunity. Spring cleaning is a tradition of our society, and it is refreshing! It is so important to take stock emotionally, physically, and to establish peace and positivity in your life. Organizing your clutter in various aspects of life can bring your center and focus back. This is major for college students, and it can bring a lot of clarity in the midst of our busy lives.

Spring cleaning but it can be more beneficial than you think. A clean room, apartment, or house is nice as is, but when a new season comes around, so does allergens. Nipping that issue in the bud can for sure create a better environment if you’re allergy-prone and do not want any sickness coming your way! Breathing better without these allergens can help you reap some benefits. The warmer weather gives us a jolt of energy due to the chilly winter months and cleaning away the dust and dinginess of the living space can be beneficial for your home life.

         When we have a cluttered living space, it leaves us feeling foggy and causes stress. Skimming through your closet to find unwanted or unneeded items to donate can be a space saver and a charitable donation! Also, getting rid of items you own that do not spark joy, better known as the Konmari method, is a really good way to find better value of the surroundings in your home. The Konmari method also emphasizes on the respect of your belongings and being transient with yourself and your items. Taking care of the items you need, and love are so crucial to decluttering and spring cleaning.

         If you are a messy person, spring cleaning can sound like a dreadful challenge, but the key to spring cleaning is finding the environment that is most beneficial to you. On the contrary, most disorganized spaces encourage a person to reduce their physical activity. Also, studies show a more organized space promotes healthier eating and lifestyle, promotes generosity, and can cause us to be more conventional in our daily lives.

A new season is a great way to rejuvenate the brain, the body, and the soul! Whether it be cleaning your dorm room, swiping on a pink lip gloss, or trying out the Konmari method, spring has endless opportunities.

I am a student at Stephen F. Austin State University, and I am an intern for the Her Campus - SFA Chapter. Check out what I have been writing! 
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