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National Espresso Day, Nov 23

Going into November we of course recognize the widely known holidays: Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, and Black Friday. However, not many of us are aware of a very important holiday, National Espresso Day! November 23rd we can all wake up and fight through that last bit of the semester. Not to mention, a warm shot of espresso is sure to warm you up on that chilly fall day.

            Not only is this a fun little holiday, but some local coffee shops and fast food restaurants are celebrating with some awesome deals! On November 23rd, Dunkin Donuts will be offering fifty cent espresso shots or two-dollar lattes or cappuccinos. Additionally, Starbucks will be bringing back a buy one get one free deal on espresso beverages. Finally, McDonalds will be offering dollar black coffees and two-dollar espresso drinks for a limited time. With these rockin’ deals you’ll surely stay warm and stay awake.

            Not a dark coffee drinker? No worries- espresso can be infused into any coffee drinks and even hot chocolate. My personal favorite espresso drinks no matter where I go is either a vanilla latte with two shots or a caramel macchiato with two shots. The cream and sugar takes away the bitterness of the espresso, but still has all the caffeine needed to keep me up and going. Be sure to stop by your local coffee shops and the ones listed above and take advantage of these great deals. National Espresso Day is a holiday that needs more recognition because let’s be honest, as college students, we need it.

Photo by Erin Long

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