My Quarantine Routine

I debated writing about my quarantine routine due to the fact that I have struggled sticking to a set schedule. My sleeping and eating habits are very out-of-sorts since the beginning of quarantine, so creating a routine to stick with has been difficult. So, to motivate myself as well as others struggling during this hectic time, here is what my ideal quarantine routine would look like.

I try to wake up before 10AM every day and start my day off with a cup of coffee and at least an hour of reading outside. I feel it’s very important to be outdoors as much as possible during this time, especially because being indoors all day long makes me feel upset and unmotivated.

Following my coffee and reading time I like to have a light brunch or lunch, just depending on what time I get up in the morning. I often have a meal with grilled chicken that I prep every Sunday for the week, so my lunch is either a salad, wrap, or sandwich.

Depending on the weather, I usually spend a bit of time by the pool laying out, unless I have a Zoom call with my students or the English team. If the weather isn’t great, I take this time to watch a couple of episodes of whatever Netflix show I am currently watching (I just finished watching End of the F***ing World which I highly recommend).

I feel myself struggling to stay busy because I don’t exactly have a full schedule. I have one online class that is paired with my student teaching, so it only takes me about a half-hour to finish the work for that course. Unfortunately, there is not much else I can do as far as teaching my students as of now.

I typically cook dinner during the week for my family, so I’m forced to be creative with chicken and ground turkey. After dinner, my parents and I enjoy a drink or two together, then I wind down with a bath and some Netflix or music. I have also started a bulleted COVID journal of what each day brings, I feel this could be beneficial in the future to see what this pandemic was like years from now.

Staying positive and productive has been challenging through all of this but sticking to a schedule can help. Ultimately, stay home and stay clean, and this will all be over someday.