To My Ex Who Really Isn't My Ex

*sips tea* To the guys who lead girls on, I just want to say that you are the worst. You give us this hope that we will be more than friends. That hope is what hurts us the most. We go in thinking that you feel the same way that we feel about you and that you just need time to express those feelings when really that’s not it all. You probably think we’re cute or maybe you’re bored whatever the reason is, now you have us sitting here regretting ever meeting you.

Why do naive girls to fall for every nice thing a guy says? We’re always told that the nice guy will come around and sweep us off our feet and then we will have our happy ever after. That may be true for some people but that’s not always the case. What’s with all the fake flirting? Why do you call us beautiful or baby girl? It just makes us fall for all the mind games. What about all the other girls you’re entertaining? Why is it so hard for you guys to be upfront about what you want? If you just want be friends, then say so. However, if you want to be something more than friends -- make it known! Instead, you play with our minds and have us confused and asking ourselves “Is it me?” When really, it’s always you guys not being able to be clear with your intentions. How sad that we have to deal with all the mind games and all the lies just to be left confused and disappointed.

I guess we should thank you guys. You’ve opened up our eyes to see that we deserve better and that we need to have higher standards for all of our relationships. You show us that words are just words. That no matter how sweet an apology is, an asshole is always an asshole. You don’t deserve getting to know us the way you do and shouldn't have even been a part of our life, but you are. You’re the example of what kind of guys we should avoid.  We’re better off now that you’re gone and for that, I thank you.