Mono by RM Review

Last week, the public was blessed by BTS’ Leader RM with his new album (playlist) titled “Mono”. It was released October 22 (Oct 23 in KST) and it sent fans into a proud frenzy, with mass streaming behind it. I talk about this because, as an avid fan of BTS and their discography, I thought it would be nice to have a personal review of the seven tracks on “Mono”.   

Photo credits: Google Images

1. Tokyo Tokyo is the opening song for the playlist and begins with a melancholy, out of tune piano playing the melody. When I heard it, I was overcome with solemn emotions, and I felt like looking at the sky in wonder.   

2. Seoul Seoul is a song that made me want to go take a ride down some beautiful plain or go take a ride near the ocean, watching the waves gently crash against the shore. Seoul is defiantly as song that someone can chill to.  

3. Moonchild Wow, what a song! It was an instant vibe with me, and for good reason. It starts out so, for lack of a better word, pretty. It is said to be the continuation of the song “4 O’Clock” which RM was a part of with his BTS member, V.  To me, the song seems to be uplifting in a way, the lyrics “Moonchild, don’t cry/When moon rise, it's your time” seem to speak to a greater audience.   

4. Badbye THIS SONG IS A F*CKING MOOD!! When I first heard it, I couldn’t help but feel the need to play it on repeat. And I have, because it was that good. That is all I have to say on that.   

5. Uhgood This song is a chill trap beat, with RM’s beautiful sing-rapping in leading the way. This song, just like Seoul, is another one that someone can defiantly chill to.   

6. Everythingoes Oh, another song that I could chill to all day! This song features NELL and wow that was an amazing idea. It has this repeatable chorus that gives off this hopeful sound and makes you want to sing along to it.   

7. Forever rain This song hurts so good. This song just makes you want to sit in the rain and contemplate life itself, wondering about our place in the world. If there is anything I’d ask my readers to do, it’s go and watch the music video because it is absolutely beautiful.     

Honestly, Mono is an amazing album (playlist) and I think if you like chill, alternative music, you should defiantly check it out!