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Being Sick Is Awful Without HER

This past week, I have been as sick as a dog. I have had flu-like symptoms and am not able to go to sleep at times. It also does not help when the weather is about 55 degrees! I barley like to get up at eight in the morning to go to class, and with my symptoms, I absolutely DO NOT want to go! I would like to lay in my nice, warm bed and sleep the day away, but I still have to attempt to go to my classes. Of course, I still have essays to write and tests to study for.

Photo found at https://www.thegazelle.org/issue/80/features/sick-at-home-vs-college  (Illustrated by Leehyun Choi)

Being sick in college is really no different than in high school, except Mother Dearest cannot be there to nurse her child back to health. Honestly, being sick is one of the many reasons why I miss my mom. This week has especially reminded me that my mom is two and a half hours away, and I am not a very good nurse! First off, I miss eating my mom’s Caldo de Res with rice so much, and the way she always did her best to nurse me back to health. She would wake me up if I was coughing in my sleep and provide me with medicine, or she would try certain Hispanic remedies to ease my symptoms away a bit. Secondly, during our daily phone calls this week, I would ask my mom questions regarding the amount of medicine I needed to take and at what time to take them; however, I have been forgetting to take said medicine.

Photo found at https://q92hv.iheart.com/content/2019-02-21-12-of-adults-still-call-mom-whenever-they-get-sick/

Throughout the week, it seemed that I was not the only person who caught the flu-like symptoms: about five other people in each of my classes were also coughing or sniffling. When multiple students were getting sick at the beginning of the year, I was surprised that I did not catch the symptoms then. Now, I would rather have been sick then, since the weather was not so bad. Like I stated before, I am the kind of person who forgets what to do sometimes and would not be a very good nurse.

Wish me luck on my recovery without my mom… *cue crying*

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