Michelangelo and My First Judgement

The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston has been offering this viewing of some famous works by the beloved Italian artist Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (commonly known as simply, Michelangelo). As a college student whose major is literally art, I was excited out of my mind to go see these pieces. 

            Of course, like any exhibit, you had to wait for a certain time before you could go into the section of the museum that held these timeless pieces. My time was at 11:30 am, so before then I walked around the museum with friends, looking at other works that stole my artistic heart. 

             Then, after waiting an hour or so, it was finally time to go see the Michelangelo display. My heart raced with excitement, as the thin paper in my hand was scanned and I was given a small box that would teach me about the pieces I was about to see with my own naked eyes. My arms flailed a bit, at my side as I walked into the room. 

            I was astounded by what I saw, and words can’t even express how I felt at that moment. My gaze wandered everywhere, and my mind was soaring. Though, the one piece that caught me so was “Last Judgement”. I had learned about this piece during my studying Art history, and I’ve always admired it.