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Mary Kay Naturally Collection

This week, I had the pleasure of trying out the Mary Kay Naturally skincare collection. This collection consisted of a Purifying Cleanser ($26), Exfoliating Powder ($34), Nourishing Oil ($48), and a Moisturizing Stick ($28). All of these products are free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, synthetic dyes, and SLS/SLES. The exfoliating powder, nourishing oil, and moisturizing stick are 100% of natural origin, while the cleanser is 99.49%. All these products are for normal to dry skin, as well as suitable for sensitive skin.

I personally have sensitive combination skin. Combination skin can be defined as having a mix of oily and dry skin around your face, primarily on the T-Zone. I, for one, have problems with my nose. For some reason it’s always oily, but whenever I put on makeup, it looks dry and cakey. Sensitive skin doesn’t necessarily mean you break out easily, but there could also be some redness or tightness of the skin, which is what I suffer from. In the past year or so, I have been searching for the right products to create a daily routine that works for my skin. So far, I have been using the purifying cleanser every day before starting the rest of my routine. Then, once or twice a week I will use the exfoliating powder combined with the nourishing oil. After I finish cleaning/exfoliating my skin, I then end my routine with the moisturizing stick.

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The purifying cleanser happens to be my favorite product in Mary Kay’s Naturally line. I thoroughly enjoy products that are easy to use on a daily basis. Something I love about this product specifically is how it feels on my skin. It is very light during application, but I can honestly feel it removing all the dirt and grime from my day. After rinsing off the cleanser, my skin feels softer and cleaner than with any other cleanser I’ve used before. I feel like the natural components and lack of artificial scents/dyes allow the cleanser to do its purpose.

I have used the exfoliating powder and nourishing oil twice so far, and the results have absolutely amazed me. I have used several exfoliators in the past, but none of them have compared to Mary Kay. Other products I’ve used in the past have been too harsh on my skin and overall an unpleasant experience, but this is different. Combined with the nourishing oil, Mary Kay’s exfoliating powder has the perfect balance between getting the job done, while also being gentle on the skin. I was a bit hesitant to use the oil at first, but it really has made my skin feel softer than ever. Once I started combining it with the exfoliating powder, I was completely in love.

The last step in my routine is the moisturizing stick. Moisturizer has been a big part of my daily routine, so I was excited to try this product in combination with the other products in Mary Kay’s line. It might feel a little weird at first to use a stick to moisturize your face as opposed to a lotion, but I feel you get the most out of your product this way. I like how you can use the stick to direct the moisturizer exactly where you want it to go, especially if you have certain dry spots on your face like I do. Not having to use your hands to spread the product is also a plus for me.

After using these products in my normal routine, I can assure you that this entire line is on my Christmas list! Not only do I feel like these products have exceeded my expectations, but I truly feel like Mary Kay’s formula is perfect for sensitive skin types. Past products have not been able to make my skin feel truly clean and soft; after only one use, I could actually feel the difference on my face without touching it. I definitely recommend the Mary Kay Naturally collection to anyone that is struggling to find products that fit their skincare needs. It will not let you down!

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