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Make-Up to Combat Oily Skin

Oily skin comes in different forms. There are some who get a little oil around the t-zone as the day goes on, and some that get severe oil on their t-zone. Like, “I just left the house, and I look like I have been out in the sun for 6 hours” severe. As an expert Googler of oily skin remedies – I have a few tips and tricks that everyone with oily skin knows. The typical “do not use products with oil in them” story is one that is tried and true with all oily humans. However, I have taken it upon myself to find some good makeup to help keep the oil away. In my pursuits I have found some primers, foundations, and setting sprays that truly stand up to test.

Primers: Primers are a holy grail for anyone with oily skin. If you are putting anything on top of the oils, having a good sticky base is ideal. My two favorite primers are the Stay Matte Primer from Rimmel London ($4.97 at Walmart) and the Urban Decay B6 Priming Spray ($32 at Ulta Beauty). The Rimmel London is a great oil fighter and is what I use when I have heavy oil days. The primer truly sticks to your skin and creates a perfect base that stays completely matte through the whole day. However, with the constant use of this product I found that my skin was breaking out more, despite this fact the primer is the best for the oily makeup wearer on a budget. If you can splurge, then the Urban Decay Priming Spray is your holy grail of primer. The B6 absorbs oil, reduces pores, and helps to reduce redness in your complexion. This product can be applied before, during makeup, and any time after to give your look a fresh feeling.

Photo by: Gracie Porter

Foundations: Finding a good foundation for oily skin is a real challenge, but it’s a job that someone has to do. The two best foundations for oily skin that I have found so far are the Dream Velvet and Dream Matte Mousse products from Maybelline (ranging from $7.45-9.94 at Walmart). These two products have saved me from going broke and from having oily skin. The products blended easily and really helped ward off the appearance of oily skin. The one thing I wish I had known was that the colors do oxidize a little darker after they set. However, this one issue is easily fixable and doesn’t diminish how amazing the product is to use and wear. My new favorite oil preventing foundation I have found is the brand-new Tarte Tape Shape Matte Foundation ($39 at Ulta Beauty). While the product is so expensive due to its recent release, it has become a new staple piece in my makeup routine. The product helps me remain matte for the entire day, as well as keeping me from getting dry and feeling like my foundation is caked on.

Photo by: Gracie Porter

Setting Spray: There has only ever been one setting spray in my makeup routine and in my heart – the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray ($32 at Ulta Beauty). While many other setting spray products have been used, nothing has ever compared to the amazing work that this spray does for my skin. My make-up stays longer and is never as oily as it is bare, it also helps keep my skin fresh throughout the day. The high price is worth it on this product.

These are my personal staple products for keeping my skin oil free. Using these products and using oil-free cleansers and moisturizers, I have seen a drastic change in the oil my skin produces. 

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