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Lose the Freshman 15, No Matter What Year You Are!

Ah, the wintertime. The perfect time for cardigans, boots, long sleeves and coats. While this may be true, winter is also a great time to start dropping those pounds. The cold weather is much more pleasant than the over 100 degree East Texas Summer heat, and starting your weight loss journey in the winter gives you plenty of time to get in that summer bathing suit.
1. Go the the Rec Center!
The state-of-the-art campus rec center and the Shelton gym offers great facilities, including an indoor and outdoor pool, several outdoor tennis courts, indoor and outdoor volleyball courts, racquetball rooms, a half mile indoor track, dance rooms, weight rooms, gymnastics room, as well as the famed rock climbing wall, among other equipment. Whatever kind of exercise you like, there is something SFA has ready for you.

2. Eat Right!
Also interested in changing your diet? Not to fear, SFA has dieticians on campus that can personally meet with you to discuss a personal meal plan…for FREE! All you have to do is schedule an appointment with either dietician. Also, if you are just looking for healthier food options on campus, the campus dieticians have posted the healthiest food option at each on campus restaurant, along with the dish’s nutritional information. They can even help you battle the bulge that often accompanies the holiday season!

 3. Take Advantage of your surroundings!
Don’t like working out inside? Some people are inspired by nature. Nacogdoches is a great city for nature enthusiasts. Located in the heart of the Piney Woods, Nacogdoches is home to beautiful trails and hills that run throughout the city. If you want to stay on familiar ground, you can always run the field or track at the Homer Bryce Stadium or run at SFA’s award winning arboretum, a landscape of several acres, filled with beautiful plants and structures. The Campus Rec also hosts a series of nature field trips throughout the year, including hiking, long distance biking and river rafting for an affordable fee.

4. Join a Fitness Class
Need to stay motivated?  A great way to stay motivated is to participate in group events. The rec has several group activities and classes for you to join others with an interest in health. Classes include: Pilates, Yoga, Abs for Lunch, Extreme Boot Camp, Tae-bo, and Zumba. Classes are free and you are welcome to drop in. Schedules are available online or at the rec’s front desk.
Don’t get discouraged. Get involved. Get Fit! Axe Em! To find out more about fitness and wellness programs on the SFA campus, visit www.sfasu.edu/campusrec

Jessika Davidson is a senior at Stephen F. Austin State University majoring in Radio/TV communications with an emphasis in news writing and a public relations/photojournalism double minor. From Houston, TX, the humorous and vivacious campus socialite came to Nacogdoches to escape the hustle and bustle of Texas' big city. When she's not hard at work at the campus radio or TV station, she's often doing community service projects around town with her sorority sisters of Gamma Sigma Sigma, of which she is the chapter president of. She also enjoys working at her jobs, one as a Master Control Operator for the KTRE-9 TV station and one as the owner of Jessika Davidson Photography, where she travels the state with her beloved nikon, affectionately named "Gary", to shoot weddings. She is beyond excited to be a campus correspondent for SFA, and hopes to become a video journalist (news reporter) or a host of a entertainment show.
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