Longing for Spring

Each day a snail-paced hour, each second passing more droplets fall.

I look up to have the first kisses of rain run down my cheek. My rain boots clonk against the cement as I make my way to class, I quickly open my umbrella and hear the rhythmic beating of the water coming from the heavens. 

I am bundled in three layers of clothing to keep the cold from biting at my core. My strides quicken to get me closer to my destination. 

I look out and see darkness from the sky any light eaten by the monstrous clouds eager to pour until their tears run dry. 

I breathe in, the icy air filling my lungs. 

Then I blink and I can feel the sun’s warmth graze my bare skin. In my head, I can see the flowers blooming with their colorful smiles beaming back at me as I admire them. I smell the towering trees with their green leaves 

I open my eyes and am brought back to the rain and continue my way to class.