Long Distance Valentine

Being in a long-distance relationship is terrible enough on a normal day, but on Valentine’s Day, one of the most lovey-dovey days of the year, it can be even more difficult when you can’t actually be with the person you love. I’m right there with you and am having to celebrate Valentine’s Day without my significant other physically being there, so here are my plans and tips for you to still have a romantic day filled with love!

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            Last year was the first time that my boyfriend and I have had to celebrate Valentine’s Day apart, and seeing a million hearts, date pics, Valentine’s Day posts, and everything else, only made us miss each other even more. So, instead of being down in the dumps, we decided that we would do our best to make it seem as though we were together. For one thing, we decided to still have that romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, but through FaceTime. We set a time to have dinner so that we could both make time for each other and only each other, and we each got food where we were, called each other, and talked on FaceTime as though we were actually there. Not only was it really nice to be able to see each other’s faces, but it was also a sweet and romantic moment that allowed us to catch up on our lives and give all of our attention to one another. There was no hustle and bustle of the outside world and it was one of my favorite moments of our relationship because it showed how much we meant to one another in a simple and sweet way.  A few other ways that ease the pain of being away from your significant other on Valentine’s Day are texting each other things you love about one another and sending a letter in advance so they can open it on Valentine’s Day. My boyfriend and I have done this in the past and it has really helped make the longing to be together that comes with Valentine’s Day much easier. 

Photo courtesy of LaShauna Bell

            This year, we plan to have another FaceTime dinner date and to be sure to let each other know how important we are to one another. Long distance is hard enough, but a long distance Valentine’s Day is even harder. Don’t worry – when you care about a person, the right amount of effort will be put in and Valentine’s Day can be shared with your significant other in a special and unique way, in spite of the miles between you.