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Locals to Love: Texas Edition (Part 2)

There’s so much talent in Texas I had split this list into two parts. Here are four more local artists doing it big in the Lone Star state. 


1. Nominee – Austin, TX 

Starting this list off with a bang, Austin does it again by spitting out yet another great band. Nominee is taking pop punk music and putting their own twist to it. In an interview with Substream Magazinein 2014, the band said, ”from the beginning all we’ve ever really tried to say about ourselves is that we’re five guys trying to write honest music from the heart,” and that is exactly what they do. You can find their music on SpotifyBandcamp and Apple Music. Check out their music video for “Lock & Key” from their recent split EP with Arizona band, Sundressed. 

2. Odd Folks – College Station, TX

Photo from Instagram (@oddfolkstx)

It’s no surprise that a college town has a music scene brewing. But what are the odds that a class project would lead to a great band? Odd Folks credit their success to their carefree attitudes and just having fun with their music. Their melting pot of punk, alternative and emo makes them a great listen for every kind of rock fan. You can listen to their upcoming album Alumni when it’s released on Halloween. It will be available on all streaming services and currently available for pre-order on bandcamp.

3. Sad Cops – Denton, TX 

This emo band is gaining a lot of traction in the Dallas area music scene. Not only has the Observerhad their names added to the top 10 list of Dallas Music Acts to Watch, but the band received praise from indie band Hippo Campus. And the praise is well deserved with their unique approach to the emo genre. You can listen to their latest EP Transition Songs on all streaming services and be sure to check out their music video for Honey.

4. The Happy Alright – Dallas, TX

Photo from Instagram (@thehappyalright)

Another Dallas band, are you shocked? This pop punk band has it all— an energetic sound, polished production and great lyricism. Full disclosure, I adore this band. I love all the bands on this list but these guys are my current jam. You can listen to their latest album Run Home on all streaming services. Do yourself a favor and listen to Run Home. You’re welcome.

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