Locals to Love in Nacogdoches

Have you ever wondered where famous bands and singers got their start? It was in local bars and grungy downtown clubs and festivals in the park playing free shows. Music doesn’t thrive without a local scene. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to live in a big city listen to local artists. Here in Nacogdoches, there is a budding music scene— and it’s not all country! Some great places to find music around Nacogdoches are Purple Haze VapesMaklemore's Ale House and BistroBanita Creek HallLiberty Bell BarThe Bosslight, and the Fredonia Brewery. Here’s a few artists to check out next time you’re looking for something cheap and fun to do in town. 

1. Sleep Juliet 

Sleep Juliet is a hard rock band from Nacogdoches. The band consist of vocalist Kendall Kinchen, bassist and backup vocalist Matt Perry, drummer Trent Milstead, guitarist Kirk Hooper, and guitarist Josh Bailey. Click here to watch the interview with Kendall on the Her Campus SFA YouTube channel. Their most recent album is Nightfall which is available on Spotify, iTunes, and you can purchase a physical copy in downtown Nacogdoches at The Bosslight bookstore. 

Photo by: Lexus Jacobs 

Sleep Juliet performing at Lugnutz Bar.

2. All Nighter

All Nighter is a 4-piece pop-punk/aggressive emo band originally from Nacogdoches, but currently living in the San Marcos and Austin area. The members are vocalist and guitarist Sterling Coker, vocalist and bassist David Hoss, guitarist Trey Karnes, and vocalist and percussionist Garrett Moore. Garrett Moore is a co-founder, alongside Tyler Arnold, of the promoting and booking company Unit 65 Collective— they book live artists to play around town and give back to the community. The band is currently working on a new album. Their music can be found on FacebookYouTube, and Spotify. Be on the lookout for these boys this summer, they have a few shows booked in May and June for the Nacogdoches area. 

Courtesy photo from All Nighter’s Instagram. (@allnightertx) 

3. After Alazan 

After Alazan is a progressive rock band from Nacogdoches. The band members are vocalist Matthew Lucas, guitarist Miriam Galan, guitarist Billy Williams, bassist and Vincent Pantalion. They are currently searching for a drummer. The band is releasing a single called “DGF” soon. You can listen to their music on Soundcloud and find them on Facebook. Also, on May 11, the band will be playing a show at the Nacogdoches Public Library for their Libraries Rock music event. You’re not going to want to miss this. Many more talented Nacogdoches residents will be there as well!

Photo by: Lexus Jacobs 

After Alazan performing at Purple Haze Vapes. 

4. Pretty Decent 

Pretty Decent is a 2-piece alternative rock band from Nacogdoches. The band consist Joseph “JD” Christopher on the guitar and vocals and his bandmate Dillard Davis on the drums. The duo are the newbies of the Nacogdoches scene with only two shows under their belt, but their sound is generating a lot of buzz. You can keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram to get notified once they come out with their first single. They will also be playing a few shows in the summertime so be on the lookout for flyers around town. 

Photo by: Lexus Jacobs 

Pretty Decent performing at Purple Haze Vapes.

5. A Light In The Darkness

Lastly, for all you fans of heavy music, A Light In The Darkness is a deathcore band that plays in the Nacogdoches and Houston area. The members include: drummer and producer Justin Kirkland, guitarist Peyton Wilson, bassist Ryan Bell, and vocalist Matt Skelton. They are getting ready to release an EP called “Athens to Piraeus.” Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates. Their music can be found on Youtube and Soundcloud.

Photo by: Lexus Jacobs 

A Light In The Darkness performing at Purple Haze Vapes. 

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