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Lightworkers: A Secret Society of Undercover Healers


Lightworkers have been at the forefront of many metaphysical and spiritual discussions in the last couple of years. Vice News began their series on Indigo Children, and frankly, it seems like many people are waking up. Many women have turned to laws of attraction to find their goals fulfilled or manifest things in their lives that may have seemed impossible from the start. Many women have begun investing their time into learning more about astrology. Recently, my Twitter and Facebook feeds have been bombarded with rumors and theories about Mercury retrogrades. Come on, March was rough for all of us. It seems like many people have been turning to metaphysical means to cope with life’s turbulence. Disclaimer: much of the metaphysical cannot be proven scientifically. Many follow it through faith similar to those in religions.

Lightworkers, also known as star seeds or earth angels, are beings here on Earth who have been sent to heal. These people believe their presence on Earth has a purpose or mission to complete. This population of people are reported to work together in effort to heal the world with their energies. Lightworkers possess special abilities in the metaphysical which allows them to see the world for what it is. Many can be clairvoyant, intuitive, empathic or see things many of us cannot see in this dimension.

Currently, the climate in America has been full of rapists and murderers who succumb to human feelings of fear and hate. Lightworkers want to prevent the spreading of these feelings. Being surrounded by these tragic circumstances may take a toll on many people’s environment and emotional well-being. These individuals who may consider themselves to be a lightworker tend to work in professions that are selfless and benefit society.

Many teachers, psychologists, doctors, natural healers, and non-profit employees have the drive to improve the world using their professions to bring healing to many communities in need of help. Their purpose has been realized at a young age and their goals have aligned for the greater purpose. It is rare to find people who want to dedicate their lives to the healing of other people.

Many lightworkers use energy from their “source” to create a space to heal others. Many people feel alienated for wanting to serve the world. Honestly, many people are very focused on creating their own life and making sure they are financially secure. That’s okay. Not everyone has the calling to serve others. Stay aware kittens, and if you feel a strong calling to heal others, you may, in fact, also be a lightworker.

aspiring counselor trying to heal the world. SFASU PSYCHOLOGY AND DRUG ADDICTION STUDIES