Lessons I’m Thankful for in 2019

 2019 has been a year full of lessons for me. I learned more about myself than I ever had in years past. I’ve had both my ups and downs, but I’ve come out on top every time. Here are the lessons that I’ve learned this year:


1.It is okay to take time off from school

This semester was my first semester back at SFA after taking a year off from school. Due to some personal issues, I took time off from school to get myself back together. I was very hesitant to take time off because I was afraid that it would push my graduation date back. While it did, in fact, push my graduation date back, the time off was very necessary for my wellbeing. So while I may not be graduating “on time”, I know that at the end of the day I WILL get my degree and that’s all that matters!


2. If you are struggling, reach out to loved ones

This year has been rough on my mental health. The worst thing that I could’ve done, I did. I isolated myself and tried to go through it myself. When you’re having a hard time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out to those that care about you! I promise you, those people only want to see you doing well. All too often, we’re too stubborn to let anyone know that we’re struggling (at least I know I am) but at the end of the day, we can’t do this thing called life on our own.


3. Not everyone is your friend…and that is okay

This year was hard in terms of relationships for me. Many people that I was close to in the past no longer wanted to be a part of my life. At first, it devastated me. Why didn’t these people want to be in my life? Where did I go wrong? One of the most important lessons that I had to learn was that nothing is wrong with people leaving your life. People come and go, but the people that are most important will ALWAYS be there.


4. Self-love is the best love

I’ve learned more about myself than I ever had. I’ve learned about my strengths and I’ve learned about my weaknesses. I have learned to love myself the way I am…but I can always do more to improve myself. In the upcoming year, I look forward to getting even more acquainted with myself and learning more about myself. I used to really struggle with self-esteem issues. I still do, to some extent, but I’m realizing more and more every day that I am a beautiful work in progress. And I’m okay with that.


There were so many more lessons that I was grateful for this year, but these were the ones that stuck out the most to me. I look forward to the new year and all the lessons that it brings!