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SFA’s Student Activities Association had set up another celebrity comedy show, and it was just as great as the last one! The event “Laugh Your Axe Off” was held on Wednesday, January 29, featuring celebrity comedians Lafayette Wright and Matt Rife. It was revealed at the end of the show that a fellow SFA student created the event. According to The Pine Log, Stephanie Velez “got the idea from the comedic atmosphere that takes place in the SAA office…” Both comedians were on stage for roughly an hour each, but the laughs never really did stop. In fact, my entire row still had smiles on their faces and chuckles escaping from their mouths every so often.

Flyer from SFA SAA

Photo found on Twitter // SAA_1923

            Lafayette Wright is a comedic seen on Kevin Hart’s show on Comedy Central. According to Wright during his comedy act, he has more of the “stupid jokes” to tell audiences, but they were still relatable nonetheless. He had a twist on the comedy of everyday life that others love to laugh about such as his relationships and the acts of others. Personally, I enjoyed the simple truths in his words. Like several audience members, I did not cease my laughter until the end of his act! I bet that everyone is going to know his name soon enough!

            Matt Rife, who is a regular personality on the MTV show “Wild N’ Out” and a contestant on NBC’s “Bring the Funny,” communicated about the more serious topics during his comedy act. The little twist on his style of comedy made the act more relatable, as if we would talk to our closest friends about said subjects. He also revealed to the audience that he wishes that people would actually discuss the issues that make others uncomfortable in a way, but among his words were witty comments. He seems to be very interactive with his audience during his comedy acts, and the SFA audience was no different.

            After “Laugh Your Axe Off” was finished, there was a very brief meet-and-greet between the fans and the celebrities. In my opinion, there was more greet than meet. Each student was allowed to take a handful pictures, but the only kind of interaction in the friendly atmosphere was a two sentence conversation on average. Being a Wild N’ Out fan, I was very excited (and a bit shaken) to meet Rife up close and personal. While I was in line for the photo opportunity, I met a few others who also watch the MTV show—now moved to VH1—and we all started to compare our favorite episodes and personalities. When it was all over and done, I had two copies of a dream and some new friends.

As SFASU’s official newspaper, you can read the full length article here: http://www.thepinelog.com/entertainment/article_31c198da-3d52-11ea-9ad8-7ba63aedea42.html



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