Journey to Our New Team

I'm Delilah,one of your SFA HC Correspondents and I am excited to announce our new team of 30 plus girls for the 2017 Fall semester, the biggest team we have had so far!


 I was so set on being the social media director when our former Correspondent announced that the executive board positions had opened for the new coming semester.

Fortunately, our communication was mixed around and she accidently told headquarters I wanted to be a chapter correspondent instead. Not knowing what I was getting myself into I anxiously accepted to take on the role. Luckily It wasn’t just myself involved on this project, the project of recruiting, getting an advisor, making HC SFA an official organization on campus and much, much more. Andrea Gallier, another correspondent for our chapter was going to help us get to our goals as well. Although, Andrea and I do not see eye to eye on everything we did manage to agree on one thing, HC SFA needed to grow and we needed to get the word out to everyone we could before it was too late.


Thank you to Dr. Condis, our amazing advisor that has been receiving all my annoying emails throughout the summer and taking a chance on an unofficial campus organization. Dr. Condis was the one who put an ad on our school website stating we were looking for more writers, editors, photographers, etc. and once she did Andrea and I began to get an enormous flow of emails come in almost every 30 minutes to an hour. The day of our meeting a gas leak on campus led everyone to evacuate the building we were going to use for our interest meeting and things seemed like they were going downhill for a couple of hours. One of our current girls that was coming to the interest meeting offered to get us a room and everything went smoothly after that.


That night Andrea and I stayed up passed 1 am going through applications and talking over each person on what they could contribute to our team until we eventually finalized our team for the semester. We received so many great applications, pieces of work, videos that left me speechless, flawless photographs and great ideas by very talented women and I can honestly say that I cannot wait to see what this semester brings us.


We are yet to be an official organization of the SFASU campus but I know that this is a step closer to that and that we will be there in no time.



Congratulations to everyone!