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People are nice 

And fun to be around 

But there is something much better

Having my Joey around


My Joey 

Understands me

Won’t tell my secrets 

Loves me for who I am

And my Joey

Won’t betray me 

Won’t hurt me

And will always treat me right


He’s got four legs

Brown eyes  

And his tail is always wagging

He’s the best friend I’ve ever known


My Joey

Knows how to comfort me

Is always happy to see me

And never wants to see me go

And my Joey 

Loves to cuddle

Always wants to play

And just wants to be close to me 


He protects me 

From squirrels and the wind, 

Snores loudly when he’s dreaming 

And cries every time I leave


My Joey 

Is Loyal

Will always love me

And knows how to make me laugh

And my Joey

Never lets me down 

And I can always count on my Joey

To make me smile

Hi, my name is Alayna I love writing short stories and poetry. My favorite color is pink and I truly believe we should break out into song whenever we feel like a musical.
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