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It’s Time for Finals, So Here Are Some Study Tips

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Night Shift

When there aren’t enough hours in a day, utilize the night! However, this does not mean pull an “all nighter” because staying up the entire night and depriving yourself of sleep is not advised, nor is it a healthy thing to do. Take the usual time you go to bed, and extend it by 2 to 3 hours max, so if you usually go to bed at nine and must study or do assignments at night, give yourself until eleven or twelve instead. This works well if you like to be active during the night, and it feels very rewarding when you wake up with all your work done. You might be very busy throughout the day, and it feels like you can’t do anything once the sun goes down, but there are a whole lot of hours at night as well, and they can come in handy. Again, this does not equate to an “all nighter” or avoiding sleep. Monitor your hours before you start working at night.

Make a List

Get a planner or use the calendar app on your phone and write down all your upcoming assignments. If you use your phone, see if you can link your calendar activities to your lock screen, that way it is in your line of sight when you look at your screen. The point of this is to know exactly what there is to do, monitor your workload, and keep up with deadlines. This means you can do this several ways, like post sticky notes around your rooms, have a to-do list on a clipboard, etc.

Plan your day

You may have to plan out your day and switch some things around. If you go out to dinner at a certain time and have a test the next day, you should get takeout, eat in and study at home. This may require some sacrifices in your leisure time, but it’ll only be for the time being and it’ll pay off in your grades. You don’t always have to cancel your plans though because you can schedule your studying time beforehand too. If you have a party to go to later, you can study for a few hours before and then attend the party.

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