I Went Crazy and Dyed my Hair Blue – Here’s How.

This past weekend I had my Britney moment. You know, like when she shaved her head? Granted, I don’t have the guts to shave my head, so I just dyed my hair blue.

Every year I make some crazy impulse decision to do something to my hair. My concept is - It’s just hair; it’ll grow back, right? It’s really the only thing I’m brave enough to make drastic changes to. Whether it be cutting it, dying it, or getting bangs, I’m always doing something to my hair.

At first I thought this was impossible since my hair is naturally dark brown, but it had also been box dyed (I know don’t judge me). However, I quickly learned that it wasn’t completely impossible. It was going to have to be bleached. Bleaching is terrible for your hair but dammit, I wanted blue hair. I bought two packets of wella bleach, some 30 volume developer and One and Only Argon Oil Electric Teal dye.

I went home and with the help of my girlfriend I started to bleach my hair. My hair is very thick and curly so it took a while to apply all of it, but it got done or so I thought. After an hour, I washed all the bleach out and looked at my hair. It was blonde by my roots (the roots I actually got) and orange from about the top of my ear down. It looked terrible, and felt it too. I knew at that point I was going to have to bleach my hair again. I JUST WANTED MY HAIR TO BE BLUE ALREADY! Also, I wasn’t about to attend class with orange hair????

The next day (Sunday) I bought the same products and began the process again. It finally turned light enough for me to dye it. My hair had gone through a lot that day. Bleaching, washing, blow drying, dying, blow drying again, and then straightening. I’m surprised my hair didn’t fall out. With the help of some hair masks, argon oil, and the moisturizing element of the One and Only dye, my hair was smooth, shiny, and beautiful. I now have my blue hair and I feel like a mermaid!

Here are some picture of how it turned out!