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There comes a time in our lives when we must walk away from a situation that no longer serves a purpose, but that’s much easier said than done for many people, especially when romantic feelings are involved. In addition to that, there are situations that have nothing to do with relationships or romance, so let’s talk about it. For starters, there are many reasons why we are apprehensive about walking away, such as low self-esteem, history with that specific person or situation, fear, or we still see the best in them and let the pros outweigh the cons. The very first step is to identify your reason for staying and acknowledge it, simply because self-awareness is power. Next, is to reflect on why you’re having second thoughts, the consequences of staying in the situation, and the consequences if you decide to walk away.

There are telltale signs that usually occur when it’s time to make an exit, and the signs are as follows: Feeling down most of the time, feeling at ease when you are away from that situation or person, feeling less than, negative personality changes, a sick feeling in your stomach, etc. Developing physical changes is a major one because negative energy has the power to stress you out so much to the point where it can make you sick, and that it is your intuition giving you the green light to leave. Shortly after, you will realize you’re not getting any joy from it, and the effort and good energy you’re putting in is not being reciprocated. In addition to this, you will start to think to yourself: “what am I doing here?” and that applies to any situation. If you’re on the fence about quitting your job, and you arrive at work every day thinking that yourself, then it’s time to throw in the towel. If that thought crosses your mind at any point in a relationship, then that person is not for you. If you have that thought when you’re around your friend, then that person should not be your friend.

Now that you’ve confirmed your stance, where do you go from here? This is the hard part, but once you are truly done with something, you are done. There will come a time when you are officially fed up and you will leave but keeping a positive outlook on it is crucial. The key is to think about the near future and how great you will feel in a few months after you’ve made your decision. Romanticize your outcome as much as you can! You will be glowing, you will be stress-free, you will be surrounded by the right kind of people and overwhelmed with blessings, just because you finally put your foot down and realized where you were no longer needed. Good luck on your journey and make it a good one!

***NOTE: If you are contemplating leaving a domestic violence situation, please call 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE)***

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