How to Survive Black Friday Shopping

I know all of us are ready to stuff our faces with turkey and mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving, but this holiday brings one of the craziest days of the year along with it: Black Friday. We all see the stories on the news of how the people can be as insane as the low prices, so here are some ways to make sure that you survive this ridiculously fun day of shopping. 

Photo by: LaShauna Bell


1. Don’t Go on Thanksgiving Day

This isn’t necessarily a tip to help you survive, but Thanksgiving is its own day full of stuffing and every other amazing food you can think of. The evening brings all of the crazies out, so trying to go with them that evening is sure to be insane. On the plus side, there will be a dip between then and really early the next morning, so it gives you the perfect window to get out there!

2. Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

If you know when and where to go before you set off into the great unknown, the route is easier and you can plan where to go based on when the sales start and the doors open! It can be stressful navigating through people, so having a game plan makes it so much easier. 

3. Bring Hot Chocolate or Coffee

A tradition that my family has is to make a huge pot of homemade hot chocolate before we begin shopping, and it not only keeps you warm but it also is something sweet to sip on to really get you into the holiday spirit. 

Photo by: LaShauna Bell

4. Look Through the Ads Beforehand

Knowing the deals beforehand not only lets you compare prices of one store to the prices of others, but lets you pick what items you’re buying from each store. This is also a good way to know what’s going to be on sale so there are no surprises when you’re in line ready to check out. 

5. Don’t Go Alone

This day is a whirlwind in itself, and going alone can be overwhelming, but it can also be more dangerous. Just like every holiday season, some people target those with a bunch of shopping bags, especially women, so find someone to go with you if you can. If no one can, go in the daylight just as an extra precaution. Plus, it’s so much fun when you spend the day shopping with someone else. It’s a cool experience to share!

6. Watch Your Spending

Set a budget and stick to it! Overspending is easy to do, but make sure you know what you can spend and don’t overdo it! Especially with Cyber Monday just a couple of days after!

7. Make Sure to Get Your Rest

Not only is Thanksgiving tiring, this wild day of shopping is exhausting as well. If you’re planning to go early in the morning, make sure to go to bed in time to get sleep so you’re refreshed for the day ahead. Don’t be afraid to take a nap after shopping as well, you deserve it!


Black Friday is hectic and can be dangerous in many ways, but it’s also a really fun experience that can turn into a tradition to look forward to every year! Be safe, and shop until you drop!