How-to Stay Motivated During Quarantine

I don’t know about you all, but I have not been the most motivated during the quarantine. This has been very difficult because I need to stay on top of classwork since SFA has transitioned to an online setting. Even though I’m not the happiest camper about all of my classes being online, I’ve managed to motivate myself just enough to accomplish my goals. Here are some tips to help you if you’re feeling the same way!


  1. Create to-do lists

One thing that really helps me is to create to-do lists. I use my bullet journal to make these lists. Normally, I write EVERYTHING I need to do down so that I don’t forget to do anything. This has been tremendously helpful. I’m a very visual person so actually seeing what I need to do has been a lifesaver.


  1. Set your alarm(s)

If you’re anything like me, I need to keep myself on a normal schedule. In order to do that, I have to set MULTIPLE alarms and attempt to stick to them. I set alarms for when to wake up, when to work on different school assignments, and when to take some time for myself.

This is very important because it’ll give you a sense of normalcy even though we are in unusual times.


  1. Do online therapy

This has been an absolute LIFESAVER for me! SFA is offering free counseling sessions for enrolled students due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Right now, I’m working through how to stay encouraged and motivated during this time. And the best part: anybody can go to therapy! I highly recommend everyone seeing what their insurance companies are offering during this time in terms of counseling. Therapy has been essential for my mental health. Don’t neglect your mental health during this time! Take care of yourself both physically and mentally.


  1. Set aside free time

As college students, we tend to always be on the go and end up running ourselves into the ground! Even if you are not a college student, make sure you are setting aside time to take care of yourself. That can be by doing your favorite hobby (mine currently is bullet journaling), reading a book you’ve been meaning to read for a while now, or taking a nice long shower/bath. This is a very weird, stressful time for all of us but make sure that you’re doing all you can do to remain healthy and sane.


  1. Know it’s okay to not do it all

I am a naturally very busy person. I don’t do well when I don’t have a lot to do. But I’ve had to realize that it’s okay to not accomplish everything during this time! I’ve had to be very realistic about what all I can do…and that’s okay! Do what you can and know that you’ve done all you can. Quarantine has been a stressful time for us all but there are many ways to stay motivated!