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How to Get into The Halloween Spirit

Halloween has always been a holiday of mystery and fun. Between dressing up in extreme costumes, getting free candy from strangers and scary fun waiting around each corner, Halloween is a favorite for good reason. However, as you grow up the fun and wonder tend to disappear. Scary movie nights turn into study times and trick-or-treating turns into more study times, Halloween just loses its fun. Even though studying/work/responsibilities may make it had to truly get into the season of scaring, there are some small ways to up the spook.

Photo by: Abby Burfine


Turn on something scary. This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it is still worth mentioning. You can either find a scary movie on your preferred streaming platform or take a dive in the discount movie bin at Walmart to find something to scare you. Once you have your scare of choice, grab some Halloween candy and round up your spooky friends. Netflix has a plethora of movies to scare you senseless, including the critically acclaimed Veronica which is so scary only the bravest can watch it in its entirety.

Google some scary stories. We are lucky to live in the digital scary age, where there is a plethora of scary stories for you on the dark web. Okay, not the dark web, but I’m trying to make the article sound thematic okay. While there are some truly great scary horror novels and short stories, for those who want a quick scare the internet is your greatest resource. However, thanks to websites like creepy pasta or r/nosleep on redit you get the pants scared off you – literature style.

DIY some scary décor. Halloween décor is the easiest thing to diy. Get some black paper and cut out a bat shape, stick it to your wall with a command strip – boom, Halloween. If you don’t feel like making something with your own hands though, Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Target has some $1-$5 décor that will help bring the festivities. 

Plan a trip to a ‘haunted house’. You may believe in ghosts, or you may not. Regardless, visit a haunted house to get your hair to stand up. If a historically haunted house isn’t enough for you, head to a haunted house like Jaycees Haunted House in Nacogdoches to really feel the creeps. You’ll be screaming your head off and running to the exit, which will really get you ready for Halloween. If you are a bit scared of being chased by a man with a chainsaw though, remember that these are actors and they cannot touch you. 

Photo by: Abby Burfine

Try on some costumes. Even if you don’t plan on trick or treating that chilly night, trying on costumes will help you get in the mood. Pulling on some spooky clothes and makeup will make you feel in character to scare some kids. You can try something simple like a Louise from Bobs Burgers, or something more involved like a Lydia Deetz from Beetle Juice’s red wedding dress. If you can’t find anything online or in store, check your local thrift store to diy yourself an outfit.

Go carve some pumpkins. Sadly, living in the dorm makes it hard to really carve pumpkins, but if you live in an apartment it is a great way to decorate and bond with your roomies. Another option for my fellow dorm dwellers, is to either paint a pumpkin (remember to throw it out when it rots) or to purchase a cardboard pumpkin from your local store to truly carve it out. You can go simple with a scary face, carve your Greek letters into it, or you can go all out for a Nightmare Before Christmas inspired landscape.

Photo by: Abby Burfine

Growing up may mean you no longer get the opportunity to go trick or treating, but there is always something you can do to help feel more festive. No matter what you do on Halloween, stay safe and don’t look behind you. 

Just a 20-years-old Animal and Ghost Enthusiast. Stephen F. Austin Her Campus editor and Co-CC.
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