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Dorms are one of the exciting parts about college! You get to decorate it any cute way you want, and your mom or dad are obviously down because they want you to be comfortable, right? Which bed spread will I get that matches my super soft throw blanket?  But the question that trumps all; who is my roommate? There are three things to consider when entering college with a new person that will be sharing the same living space:


                                                                                                             Photo by Jasmine Moreno


1. Relationships/Breakups

In college, these things tend to happen sometimes whether we’re looking for them or not- they just happen to find us. Now when there’s honey there can also be salt, if your roommate happens to stumble upon a rough patch in her relationship always try to comfort her. Make sure she’s ok and try to be there for her anyway you can. Yet, if the salt is too much to bear and it starts to affect your relationship maybe give your roommate more space. 

2. Friends

Friends are great to have and make throughout your college career! Even though they’re great to have, sometimes with a new place you might end up hanging around the wrong crowd. If a conflict between your friends about how you hang out becomes a conflict then let bygones be bygones and simply live in the same room. You don’t have to hang out with her friends and she doesn’t have to hang out with yours. If their habits and personalities rub off on your roommate and you don’t agree with them then just focus on you and yours.

3. Freedom

This is the major one, the thing that can have the biggest effect on people as soon as mom and dad leave campus. Daddy’s lil’ girl can finally be her true self now that they’re gone and you should get to know her (whoever she might be).  She could be really cool-or possibly a bit too much for you- but either way give her a chance to express herself until/unless she gets a little too out of hand. Certain lines are  never meant to be crossed so be prepared in case they are to speak to your CA. They are there to help with any issues or concerns you may have while you live in the dorms.

Hello! My name is Elysé Johnson and I'm currently a Creative Writing Undergrad student at SFA. It's my sophomore year, and so far, I'm just trying to make it through with all I've got! In my free time, whenever that comes around, I usually like to draw or paint around campus to feel the nice embrace of mother nature. Other times I like to let a little TV watch me, as there are days when you become a sloth and moving at 5 mph is absolutely OK. But of course, it's not all paint smears and video game tears, I do have to put my education, three jobs, and workout regimen first; with a sprinkle of friends and fun on top. Enough about school, home is where my heart is...and my mom and two tiny poodles. 
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