How to Deal With Being Blue in a Red Family

Let me start by saying this isn’t an article to trash my family, even though that’s how it might seem. I am an angry, hurt individual who has to deal with being the black sheep of my family.

This election sucked. I think everybody can agree on that. You know what’s worse though? Being a democrat in a republican family. It’s bad enough that I have to hear about the cheeto being president, but now I have my entire family basically worshiping at his feet.

No matter how many posts I make or things I say about being terrified for my rights as a woman and as a member of the LGBT community, my family still believes he’s a good person as he simultaneously rips the rights of many people right out of their hands. Still though, I find myself able to love them despite our political differences. I don’t understand why honestly, but all I can do is try to help people in the similar situation or even a worse one get through the next four years. Here’s how to deal with being blue in a red family:

1. Delete them on Social Media

If you have any of your family members that support the cheeto on any of your social media, DELETE THEM. I know personally every time I tried my mom would get mad at me, but she eventually understood that mentally I cannot handle seeing my family so openly support someone that treats humans like garbage, I mean unless you’re a white, cis male.

2. Try to talk to them

Sometimes family is cool enough to listen to your problems. If your family is like this, then maybe you can talk to them and explain why this election in particular and the heat behind it scares you or makes you angry. You can try to explain that everyone in this world deserves equality and we won’t ever achieve that with Donald Trump as their president (I said “their” on purpose #notmypresident). Maybe then you can come to a civil agreement about each other’s political opinion or even try to understand why they voted for someone so terrible.

3. Ignore them

This is similar to deleting them off of social media, like Facebook, but you can do it in real life, too. If you feel hurt or over it enough to the point where you don’t want to speak to them for a while, just ignore them. Ignore their texts, calls, tags on twitter or Instagram, whatever it is, just ignore it. Obviously you can’t avoid your family forever, but at least for the time being you can collect your thoughts and hopefully it will help with bettering your mental health.

4. Hang out with friends

Deleting family off Facebook and ignoring them is easy when you don’t live with them. If you live with the family that makes you uncomfortable, first off I want to apologize and I’m sending all the prayers and good vibes I can your way. On another note, hanging out with your friends as much as you can is a quick and easy way to get away from arguing with your family about politics for a short while. Friends can help you through so much, and this is a situation you definitely want to be around your friends for.

5. Stay true to your opinion

It can be hard being surrounded by people with different opinions, and it can be even harder to stick to what you believe in. Don’t let someone from your family or even a friend try to tell you different. Honestly, this applies to both ends of the spectrum, so expect your red family members to feel the same, but it’s harder when you’re the minority. I know personally, my family stalks my twitter and gets offended by my anti-Trump aesthetic, but that still doesn’t stop me. Your family shouldn’t stop you either. Fighting for what you believe in, in whatever form you choose, should not be stopped because some people don’t understand that Donald Trump is a bad man.