Honduras is My Home


“Many people always ask me how and why I ended up in Nacogdoches, Texas. I could have picked anywhere else but here I am in good ol’ Texas!” said Jessy Valladares, a double major in theater and mass communications at SFA. Valladares is a Honduras native who transferred from Lone star College in Houston, Texas to SFASU.

The high school she attended in Honduras encouraged many of the students to study college abroad after graduation. “ We take U.S. history our senior year in high school just to prepare us in case we do decide to study abroad for college” mentioned Valladares. Valladares claimed that she had to apply during her last high school thanksgiving break in order to become an international student. After being accepted and receiving several scholarships she realized she didn’t know what exactly she wanted to study and didn’t think that going straight to a University was a good idea. “I have an aunt that lives in Houston. She offered my family and I a chance to live with her and go to a community college until I figure out what career I want to go into”.

Her transition from Honduras to the Unites States was rather difficult but she soon came to overcome it. “ In Honduras I went to school where we all knew each other since Pre-k up until we graduated high school because that’s how the school’s work over there. Having to come to a new country took a lot to adapt to, like speaking English 24/7. That is something I am not use to”. Although the language is still something she is still continuously learning she states that that coming to America was “quite refreshing and interesting”.

Valladares’ advice on studying abroad is, “If you’re planning doing abroad, make sure you study and research on the places you want to go. Check how people interact with each other on a personal level, learn about their politics and common religions they share.” She also states that, “making friends helps you get out of your comfort zone and even helped me feel less home sick. Eventually they become your family away from family so make sure to open up and don’t pass on a friend”.

She plans on going back to Honduras next month for her last undergraduate summer vacations. On her free time she enjoys practicing her lines for her theater classes and going to Olive Garden to eat her favorite Italian dishes.