The Guilt of a Bad Semester

As a previous AP high school student, and a current honors student at SFA, you can imagine how shocking it was to drop a class, fail a class, and not get an 'A' in a single class for the first time ever - all in the same semester. I felt guilty for wasting my parents' money because I'm fortunate enough to not take out loans. But what helped me accept it was my friend's comment: "you had a bad semester, who cares? Everybody has one."

One bad semester. Just one. So why was I so worried? I was insecure that I couldn't handle college, despite three successful semesters before then, and an entire pre-college school career that proved I wasn't a total idiot. I doubted my intelligence and work ethic, and ultimately my whole self. It's okay to mess up because of mental health or life in general. Shit happens and sometimes you just have to roll with it. 

Having one bad semester doesn't define who you are, and you can retake that class to turn your F into an A. The second time will be easier, and you'll know how much time you have to put into it. Take that semester as a wake-up call, or as a blessing in disguise so you can continue on with a better idea of how to manage your homework, balance extra-curricular activities, and friends. 

Remember your worth, and keep your chin up.