Give the Great British Baking Show a Shot

So lately it seems like the sun just doesn’t want to come out and I’m seriously reconsidering the groundhog’s judgment ‘cause it sure feels like there are 6 more weeks of winter left. When it’s cold and dreary like this past week has been, I enjoy binge-watching something on Netflix and I have fallen in love with The Great British Baking show. 

It all started last weekend when I was feeling down because of the weather and I just needed something to cheer me up. After hours of scrolling through Netflix, as one does, I decided to give this show a try and, boy, I was not disappointed. From the start you are overwhelmed with just a sense of peace, you get to see these amateur bakers make these amazing pastries and hear everyone's charming accents and it just melts your heart. The hosts’ goofy personalities and jokes may be corny at times, but they just add to the cheery atmosphere and the sweet Mary Berry, who is basically everyone's grandma, balances out Paul Hollywood's more judgmental nature perfectly.

Right now, there are six seasons on Netflix and, though I have only finished the first season, I can’t wait to watch the rest. So, if you love baking shows and need a new show to watch I’d say give The Great British Baking Show a shot.