Fun, Cheap and Easy Gifts for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us! Students are packing for the Thanksgiving holidays, and that means turkey, stuffing, and Black Friday shopping after dinner. After Thanksgiving break, there are only two more weeks until the Christmas break is here. With this being my last Christmas with some friends and professors, I want to make some DIY gifts to give them for the holidays!


Mason Jar Recipes


Get mason jars and fill them with different ingredients for different recipes like cookies, brownies or hot chocolate. Quick and easy to make and it’s great for friends who love to bake and eat baked goods. You don’t even have to do recipes, you could do a nail kit or a coffee kit; if you can fit it in a mason jar then it will be a great gift!




Ornaments are an easy gift that could be simple and unique. You can find unique ornaments to complement each person’s personality. If you have a friend who loves photography, a camera ornament would be perfect, or for a professor who loves video games, a controller or an ornament of their favorite character.

Gift Cards


Gift cards to your friend’s favorite stores or restaurants are simple gifts that can make any friend happy. Your friend could buy a cute new outfit or take their significant other on a date to their favorite restaurants.

Baked Goods

Personally, baking your best friend’s favorite dessert or holiday meal can make them feel so special and loved. There are different baked goods like cookies or pumpkin bread that can be made for so many people or even funny quirky holiday things like reindeer made of chocolate covered Nutter Butter’s with pretzels on top.  


These are just a few gifts ideas that I will be doing this holiday season. Dollar stores are full of all of these items and different stores like Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby are already full of ornaments for the holidays, the holidays are here ready or not!