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Finding Your College Best Friend

Let’s be honest here, college is tough. It’s usually the first time away from  your parents, the time where suddenly everyone deems you as an adult, and the long four-year journey of “finding yourself”.


So, how can one make their experience slightly more bearable? That’s where finding your college best friend (CBFF) comes in.


Your CBFF might be a lot different than your friends from back home, and that is okay. There is nothing wrong with diversifying your inner circle and embracing someone different than you. While you grew up with your hometown friends and believe they know anything and everything about you, you as a person will change and grow.


What are some things you and CBFF might get into?


Well for one, there’s always the first college party outing- where they might hold your hair, or you might hold theirs. Don’t be embarrassed about it, It’s definitely a passage into “college” life. You  will also have someone who can pretend to be your girlfriend/boyfriend if someone a little creepy approaches you.


Then they’re there for the emotional help.  You might cry a lot in college (I mean come on… it’s stressful) but your CBFF will have your back. I once had a full fledge break down, the kind where I turned off my phone and blasted Sheryl Crow in my dorm by myself, and my CBFF brought me my favorite fast food and forced myself to open up about my problems.


Finding your CBFF  is a journey itself, a lot of friends will come and go in college (well in all of your life generally) but don’t take it personally. You can’t rush the process of perfection.


Finding your CBFF, is finding the person that encourages your stupidity and motivates you at the same time. They’ll be the person to help drunk you get your life together at the end of the night or even feed you Cheez- itz while you take a shower.


You might find them in your first semester or even on your way to get your college ring, but it won’t matter. College is your official start to the rest of your life and your CBFF is the first person to embark with you on that journey (through the bad, the drunk, and ugly).


                                                   Photo by Alex Pitman; In photo: Taylor Thompson (Left), Shannon Walker (Center), Bailey Greenwood (Right). 


From small towns in Texas with deep cajun roots, Catherine is an extreme football fan that craves spicy food. A proud fur-mom with way too much time on her hands is slowly but surely opening herself up to the world of writing amongst amazing women.
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