Fenty Beauty Review

Inside of the new Fenty white octagon case, is a golden shimmer of sunshine and possibilities. The intensely vibrant $34 Trophy Wife highlighter looks good on many types of skin tones. The blinding bright color is perfect for a gorgeous all-day glow. Putting on this shimmering gold is a great way to turn your makeup game up all the way. The pigment is bright for any combination of skin tone and cool/warm undertones, bringing out a beautiful shade on the skin. While the pigment is bright and beautiful, the product does transfer from your skin to any other surface your face gets close to. This small issue is totally worth the golden disco ball pay off that resides on the wearer's cheekbones all day. Even with the easy transfer, your skin will still glow no matter what you do to try and get it off which is a blessing as much as it is a curse.

When tested on different types of skin tones around the Stephen F. Austin campus, the color was easy to spot on everyone it was put on. The reviews from each of the girls that tested out the highlighter all agreed that the color was extremely vibrant and soft at the touch.  Even after I stood in the hot sun for a while, getting reviews and photos I needed of girls trying on the highlighter, one girl stopped me in the Chick-Fil-A line just to compliment me on my own application. The product is long lasting and so gorgeous to put on or even just look at. I would recommend this product to everyone trying to amp up their highlighter collection, or anyone who just wants to “shine bright like a diamond.” This highlighter is truly a show stopper of a beauty product and well worth the $34 and long line at Sephora.


                                                                Source: Grayson Porter