Easy Summer Outfits You Can't Go Wrong With

Summer heat in Texas is dreadful but your outfit doesn’t have to be! Surviving the Texas Summer heat can be a bit hard when you’re trying to stay cute and cool at the same time. Here are some easy Summer outfits that everyone will love:


You can never go wrong with these bad boys, that is high wasted shorts. They are easy to pull off with anything while still looking chic, dressy and like you actually tried. You can pair high wasted shorts with a nice blouse or a tank top if the weather is that humid and horrendous out.


Putting an outfit together is already hard enough but a light weight romper can solve all your problems! It’s a quick slip in outfit and you don’t even have to try, it’s already a full outfit in itself. The great thing is that heels aren’t required for a romper which means more summer adventures!


Off the shoulder blouses have been in the in lately which makes it an even better Summer wear. Less clothing and flowy, baggy blouses give you a boho look and doesn’t make you feel like you’re wearing a heavy wool sweater in 90-degree weather.


If you’re not into wearing shorts but still don’t want wear jeans from how sticky you get from wearing them try flowy palooza pants. They come in different patterns and any plain tshirt can make them pop.

Even if this might not be your style you can always make sure to wear light colored, breathable material and make sure your summer of 2017 is still a great one!