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Easy Last-Minute Costume Ideas

Photo by: Nicole Clemens

So, you last-minute decided to go to a Halloween party with some friends and you don’t have anything for a costume. What are you supposed to do? It’s not as though you want to go and see what leftover costumes are at the store and spend $30 dollars just for a three hour max time frame, so you try and come up with something from what you’ve already got in your closet. Trust me when I say we have ALL been there, so here are a few ideas that can help if you are coming up blank.


1. Cute Animal

An easy go-to costume regardless of what is in your closet is to dress like a little fur baby. Whether your closet only consists of black, white, brown, or pink, there’s always going to be an animal you can think of that will match. You could wear some pink and be a flamingo or baby pig, or you could wear black and be a mouse or kitten. The options are endless for this one and even if you want to amp it up, you could easily just add a little extra eyeliner for whatever your animal is and maybe put some ears on your head and you can call it a good night. Plus, you most likely won’t ever have anyone be confused as to what you are supposed to be dressed up as- it’s simple and cute, not to mention cheap!


2. Popular Brand

A lot of people have a t-shirt or something with a brand on it – it could be for a drink you like such as Dr. Pepper or Coca-Cola, or maybe candy like Reese’s and KitKat’s… the brand stands out and you don’t have to do anything other than wear your shirt and your favorite shoes and bottoms and then not only do you feel comfortable with what you’re wearing, but you can feel cute and have an excuse to not buy a whole costume while still being something.


3. Pun

Something simple that someone with a good sense of humor would appreciate is to dress up as a pun. While you may not have EVERYTHING you need for this costume, it is still a cute funny idea that would barely take a few dollars out of pocket to be able to pull off. You could dress as a “holy cow” or “holy guacamole” by dressing as a cow or avocado with angel wings or a halo. It’s something very simple that will at least be in a Halloween spirit!


4. Death

Probably the simplest thing on the list is to dress as a victim or dead/injured person. It does not matter what you wear, because all you have to do is splatter fake blood all over you and you are done! If you want to make it fancy, you can YouTube how-to videos on cool FX makeup or tricks to make wounds or specific details to make it as realistic and gory as you’d like. Get spooky with it!

5. Sports Team Supporter

Whether you want to have pride for a college team or something national, you can always throw on a t-shirt or jersey to show some pride and just have fun with it! Whether you’d rather look like a fan or a cheerleader, it is up to you! You can go all out and dress up in the team’s main colors, or you just throw on a cute shirt and put some face paint on. Regardless of how intense you would like to come across as, it’s another simple idea that you can execute as flawlessly as any Pinterest post. 


Now that you have some ideas, you can think of what works for you and make it your own! You can do it extravagant or low-key, but do not be afraid to think outside the box and play around with ideas to be dressed the way you want (: 

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