The Dreaded... Finals Week

It’s that time of the semester where everyone is stressing over finals and doing everything in their power to make sure they pass. So I am here to reassure you and give you some tips that can help you relax. Stressing over a test can sometimes really screw with your mind and make you overthink everything. Just a friendly reminder, whatever grade you get it doesn’t define you as a person. So here are some small tips that will help you feel more relaxed when it comes to testing. 

  1. 1. Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

    Lack of sleep will really impact your brain when it comes to your critical thinking and decision making. Everyone thinks cramming and staying up will help you, but it won’t. All that cramming and not getting a full night’s rest will actually hurt you even more because it makes your brain cells hard to communicate, which will not help you concentrate.

  2. 2. Eat a Full Breakfast

    It has been proven that eating a healthy and hearty breakfast will help you get the energy you need to start your day. A healthy breakfast should contain all the basic food groups, like your protein, veggies or fruit and healthy fat. Make sure to also drink plenty of water as well, at least 8 cups a day. 

  3. 3.   Don’t Overthink

    Overthinking never does anyone any good. When you overthink, you tend to go against your gut feeling which is usually right. Just take a breath and relax and usually it will work out. 

  4. 4.    Workout If You Feel Stress

    If you are feeling the stress is getting to you just take between 30-60 minutes to just relieve all of your stress and that overwhelming feeling by working out. 

Taking finals can stress everyone out because they have this power to make or break you but even if they do that doesn’t mean you should let them define you. Finals are only meant to help test what you have been taught and they don’t say everything about you.