Do You Miss Your Independence?

When college students first leave home to live in a dorm room and are away from their parents for a long period of time, or are even just generally far away from home, a lot of students can’t wait to get back. Though this is true for many, it doesn’t hold true for everyone. Do you prefer going home to see your family every weekend or preserving your family to strictly seasonal visits?

Some students absolutely love going home nearly every weekend and can’t wait to see their family. The things they tend to love most is that they may divulge in laziness; many people who prefer going home every weekend have a doting family that does their laundry, feeds them food and basically treats them to all kinds of fun and home-like stuff. Parents and other family members perhaps aren’t used to this kind of situation so they miss each other during the student’s time away immensely. So the student goes back home to essentially get spoiled. It’s fun and all parties tend to emotionally benefit, which makes it the perfect arrangement for some people.

For others, going home on weekends isn’t something they like doing often, due to multiple possible reasons, many which are not necessarily negative! Students in college are given intense schedules and are pressured to study hard, so they might just be so swamped with work. They don’t have the time to go home each weekend when they need to study. Likewise, perhaps students do have time on a weekend, but instead of spending it at home with family, they would like to have the opportunity to go out and have fun or relax. Neither is bad, it depends on what the students want! However, not all reasons may be so simple. Some people live so far away that due to gas, money and time it’s impractical to go home often. For some, family relationships are difficult, so home life can be stressful. It’s different for everyone, so it’s important to be mindful to people having different circumstances.  

Regardless of if you go home often over weekends or not, just know that there is no “best way” to go about it. Each person has a different schedule that works for them and, once you find that, you’re doing what’s right as long as it’s comfortable for you! The question is, once you have been at college for your first semester and gotten into the groove of things, how do you think you will feel once you go home for a month over Christmas break and must come back to school in January? Will you miss your family terribly and not want to leave them? Will you not be able to wait until you get back to your small, cozy dorm, free of your parents and able to have time alone to do whatever you want? Or, maybe, will you be a bundle of mixed emotions?