Dear Big

Thank you for volunteering to be my big in the first place. Like, dang you must be crazy or something. You have stuck by my side through so many things. With every boy that I excitedly told you about and promised was The One you gave me the same excited reaction every time and had open arms, telling me how much of a jerk he was, every time that turned out not to be true.    

                                                                    Photo from: @sfasu_dz

You’ve been there through friend break-ups, even when you were still friends with them yourself. You never told me to sacrifice my happiness and keep a toxic person in my life just so I didn’t make things awkward. I truly am so thankful for that. You stand by my side with unwavering loyalty, and since day two of recruitment you have looked after me like I was your own kid. You always have an open door and open ears to listen to whatever friend drama was going on.

You always support whatever adventure I tell you I’m going to go on next. Whether it was joining Her Campus or wanting to bleach every ounce of life out of my hair you always told me I could do it, and you still loved me after I came out looking like Draco Malfoy.                                                               Photo from: @sfasu_dz

We are the most low-key stereotypical needy big/little there is. We can go weeks without talking to each other due to our crazy busy schedules and our need for mental health days, but we’re always each other’s biggest cheerleaders and the first to text congratulations when they are deserved. The second we leave for break we feel half of our hearts leaving, because we won’t be a short drive apart. When we are together though we are all over each other and there is sure to be a high-pitched “Little!” and a movie worthy run to each other. Thank you for always giving me unconditional love that I don’t need constant reassurance of.

Thank you for always being my home away from home. Most importantly, thank you for teaching me how to be a perfect big for my future littles <3.