College Starter Kit: SFA Edition

I’ve been at SFA for a while now, but I still remember trying to figure out what I needed to bring to college and what to leave at home. Of course, the thing about packing for something you’ve never done before is that you don’t know what you really need until you’re actually there. Here are some things I wished I had brought with me as a freshman, and some essentials that are specific to SFA (Axe Em’ Jacks!)


1. Sleep Mask


If you need darkness to be able to shut your brain down, a sleep mask is a must-have. You can’t expect your roommate to have the same sleep schedule as you, and if you’re like me you need your sleep.


2. Earplugs

      All I’m going to say about this one is that if you live in a dorm, you WILL hear things that you don’t want to hear and people will be loud at all times of the day.


3. Rainboots/Umbrella


Because random rain is the norm in Naca-nowhere, and driving to class isn’t really an option.



4. Axe Handle


Just throw some glitter and/or purple paint on it and get ready to bang it on stuff at football games (That’s fun to explain to people who don’t go to SFA).



5. 5-Subject Notebook & pencils

Unless your professor specifically wants you to have a separate notebook for their class, then getting a 5-subject one is a great way to keep all your notes in one place.


6. Snacks


Even though the chicken-fried steak is great, you will get tired of dining hall food. Also if you’re not a morning person I’d suggest getting some cereal and breakfast bars so you can avoid having to see people before you’ve finished your first cup of coffee.


So those are just some of the things I'd advise future (or new) Lumberjacks to add to their packing and/or grocery list. Happy shopping!